Want some “Sear”iously good cookin?

1. Shopping for the Right BBQ Grill? These Tips can Help

Selecting the right BBQ grill can be a real challenge. After all, your goal is to create fabulous food your family and friends will love, right? Your grill choice has a lot to do with the final product as well as the ease of the overall cooking process. Before you shop, keep these tips in mind so you’ll come out with the ideal BBQ grill to meet your needs.

Think About Fuel: Grills run on a number of different fuels these days. You can get one that runs on your home’s natural gas hookups. You can go with the more traditional charcoal style BBQ grill. You could also go with a popular propane grill. There are even specialized grills that run on wood and pellet fuel. You need to decide what fuels are available in your area to get started. You also need to factor in taste, here. There are many BBQ aficionados that swear by one fuel type or another, so do some reading before you begin narrowing your choices.

Consider Sizes: BBQ grill size is measured by the square inches on the cooking surface, so you need to think about two things in this area. First, think about how much space you actually have to house a grill. If you have an entire patio or deck, bigger may be your thought process. If you’re living in a fairly small condo or apartment, you’ll have to go with something smaller. In addition to how much physical space you have to store a grill, though, you may also want to think about how many people you’ll be cooking for on a regular basis. If you’re alone most of the time, you don’t need much space on the grill. If you have an entire family and you entertain on a regular basis, you’ll certainly want look at BBQ grills that are much bigger.

Features and More: Need a sink beside your BBQ grill? How about a burner on the side to prepare some delicious side dishes? Just need one that will cook hamburgers and hot dogs? From your basic black grill that will cook your Sunday chicken to beautiful stainless steel choices that will allow you to prepare a four course meal in your outdoor kitchen, BBQ grills aren’t what they used to be, so do a bit of research on the features that might suit your needs best before you ever hit the store so you don’t get overwhelmed with your choices.

BBQ grills have much to offer, but a bit of extra research before you start the process will help you get the features you want at a price you’ll love.

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2. Barbeque Gas Grills — The Safety Tips You Need Now

In the world of barbeque, gas grills are quickly taking their place as the top of the line, and for good reason. They’re easy to use, and they’re fairly economical too. Unlike with charcoal choices, it takes very little time to heat up the grill, so you’re ready to go as soon as you get home from work. As convenient as they are, though, they’re not necessarily the safest cooking instruments in the world. Fortunately, following these safety tips can help you avoid accidents with your next grilled meal.

Don’t Overfill — As you probably know, when it comes to the world of barbeque, gas grills require additional propane at some point. In some cases, you may be headed to a refill station to get the gas you need to grill. If that’s the case, make certain you don’t overfill the tank.

With a 20 pound cylinder, you should only fill it to 80 percent capacity. That gives it a bit of room to expand if necessary, so don’t ask anyone to overfill it for you.

Ventilation is a Must — With any barbeque, gas grills included, you have to grill in a well-ventilated area. Carbon monoxide can easily build up in an enclosed space, which can make it dangerous for you and anyone else around you. Even if you’re trying to hold an outdoor barbeque, gas grills can create carbon monoxide fumes in a space that isn’t large enough, so make certain you bring your grill out into the open.

Inspect your Grill — In the world of barbeque, gas grills often cause fires for one main reason — an obstruction in the pathway of the fuel. To prevent this problem, you have to check things out on a regular basis. If you ever notice a problem, make the repairs immediately. If you notice a problem while you’re grilling, turn off the grill, make certain you shut the fuel tank off too, then disconnect all of it to prevent a more serious problem from occurring. As you do so, assume everything is very hot, as you could easily get burned during the process.

If you’re planning a barbeque, gas grills are certainly the way to go in many cases. They provide many benefits other types of grills simply can’t, but these safety tips can help you prevent any serious problems and help make certain you get great food every time you light the grill.


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