Steps to Using Your Gas Grill

Gas grills are heralded for their ease of use.  Instead of having to worry about warming up charcoal, all you have to do is simply hook up the gas line and turn on the burner.  Right?

Wrong. Though gas grills are easy to use, there are still several steps that you need to take every time before you turn it on.  This checklist will help make sure both that everything is in working order and that everything is safe to use. After a few times, you’ll be able to quickly run through your pre-checklist and get straight to your grilling.

1. The first thing you need to do is check the location of your grill.  Your grill should always be kept at least 10-15 feet away from any building or structure and should be placed on an even, flat surface.
2. The second thing you need to do is check the lava rocks at the bottom of the grill.  Make sure they are arranged according to your manufacturer’s instructions.
3. Step three is to place the cooking grill over the rocks.
4. Once the grill is prepared, the fourth step on your checklist is to check over your gas line for any cracks or sign of wear. Never use your grill if you suspect that something might be wrong with your gas line.
5. The fifth step is to actually attach your propane tank.  Always keep you tank in the tank platform area of the grill.  Place the tank so that the valve opening is facing the grill connection.  Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for how to physically connect the valve to the grill.
6. Once everything is attached, you want to make sure that you test the connection.  Mix some water with dish soap (or purchase a soap solution) and apply it to the connection point.  Open the control valve.  If no bubbles appear, then your connection is safe and ready to go.  If bubbles appear, then you have a problem.  Immediately close the valve and have your grill inspected for a possible gas leak.
7. At this point you are finally ready to light your grill. Ensure that the propane valve is open and the grill lid is up.  Set the gas flow to full and then ignite the gas. If the gas does not immediately ignite, turn the gas all the way off, wait for the gas to clear, and then try again.
8. Once you are done grilling, you are ready to turn your grill off.  Always turn the propane control knob off first, followed by the gas control knob on the grill.

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