Safe Ash Disposal

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If you are the owner of a charcoal grill, ashes are a part of your culinary experience.

While barbecuing can be one of summer’s greatest activities, it is unfortunate that the improper storage and disposal of ashes is one of the biggest problems of deck and house fires – especially during the hot and dry summer months. In order to make sure that you and your family have a safe time barbecuing, it is important that you follow the important steps in disposing of your ashes properly.

The most important steps to disposing your ashes is making sure that you give them adequate time to cool. If possible, keep the ashes in the same place for several days before trying to dispose of them. Embers can stay concealed under a pile of seemingly cold ashes, and can easily reignite a fire for several days after it has been extinguished.

A few things to remember before you start to dispose of your ashes:

  • Never use a vacuum to suck up ashes
  • Never put your ashes into a plastic container or bag
  • Never put your ashes into a cardboard box
  • Never place your ashes into a container that has previously held combustible fluids or fumes

Once your ashes have been adequate time to cool, transfers them to an approved ash metal bucket.  Don’t try to transfer the ashes on windy days, as the wind can spread the ashes around your yard.

Once your ashes are safely in your metal bucket, wet the ashes down to help get rid of any lingering embers. Cover the ashes with a tight fitting metal lid to make sure that they do not leave the bucket. Until you are ready to throw the ashes out, keep your ash bucket at a safe distance from your home or any other buildings.

When you are ready to get rid of your ashes, make sure that you are familiar with the disposal rules and regulations of your county.  Some areas will allow you to throw out your properly extinguished ashes into your normal garbage can.  Again, it is important that they have had a least a week to cool and have been thoroughly wetted down in order to prevent fires from staring in the garbage trucks. Many counties have disposal stations where you can bring your ashes in order to make sure they are properly taken care of.


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