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Fire Pits Offer Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

napoleon_290_294_c1_center_centerHOLLYWOOD, FL — Whether it was Paleolithic cave dwellers a quarter-million years ago, cowboys on cattle drives in Kansas and Argentina in the 19th century, or kids at camp last week, campfires have been places to gather and share good times since long before humans were able to write down the lyrics to the chants and songs sung around them.

Just because you live in civilization now doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same pleasures—right in your own back yard.

Patioflame® propane fire pits by Napoleon® bring atmosphere and warmth to your outdoor living space, letting you extend your enjoyment well into the cooler evenings. Their all-stainless steel construction makes them both durable and weatherproof. The realistic Glo-Cast logs hold and radiate up to 60,000 BTUs and the easy-to-install unit comes with a hose, tank stand, and a regulator to let you adjust the output to your comfort level. You can design and build a surround to suit your patio décor or simply use it as it comes. It’s even portable enough to take along with you when you head for that cabin in the woods.

Napoleon fire pits are 20 inches in diameter and are certified by CSA and ANSI for use on wooden decks, stone or brick patios and concrete. Local codes do vary, though, so check with the authorities in your area to be sure your use conforms to regulations.

The BBQ Depot makes having your own campfire easy with our convenient on-line ordering. And we offer accessories such as safety screens, covers, and granite-top tables as well as replacement parts to keep your fire pit a favorite gathering place for years to come.

If you want to design your own custom fire pit, The BBQ Depot has a huge selection of log sets, burners, regulators, and anything else you might need. So take a moment to browse our web site. Then load up your shopping cart with the things you need to make your patio a year-round source of enjoyment.

Gas Grills Bring Safety and Convenience to Outdoor Cooking

HOLLYWOOD, FL — Tired of waiting for the coals to heat up and then worrying about burning down your patio when you’re done? Gas grills solve both problems while making outdoor cooking a breeze.

Gas grills are powered by removable propane tanks and bottles or they can be hooked up to a domestic natural gas source. Either way, they light and heat up quickly, burn cleanly, and cool down as soon as you turn off the fuel. Gone are the days of worrying whether the fire will be ready in time for dinner, if it will be hot enough to sear those expensive steaks, or if it will cool off in time for you to go to bed.

The BBQ Depot has a huge selection of both natural gas and propane grills to suit the cooking needs of everyone from the occasional hotdog griller to the fussiest outdoor chef. Whether it’s a portable Weber Q-Series that’s rugged enough for camping and tailgating with enough cooking area for a dozen or more hamburgers, or a top-of-line stainless built-in like the six-burner Echelon Diamond series, The BBQ Depot has the grill for you.

The hot topic in grilling lately is infrared technology. Infrared grills heat up in just three minutes and cook twice as fast as traditional burners. They heat the food directly, making them more efficient, even in cold weather. You can get a very intense heat comparable to the hottest charcoal fire to sear meats to perfection and to control the cook even for delicate items such as fish with rapid response to your settings that makes infrared grilling extremely energy-efficient.

Boating and camping enthusiasts have become big fans of the Solaire Infrared Go Anywhere Portable Gas Grill. Built of 316 stainless steel, its 14,000 BTU burner and 155 square inch cooking surface bring the benefits of infrared cooking to a truly portable grill. It has a V-shaped grate that catches drippings to both enhance flavor and reduce flare-ups. It comes with a vinyl carrying bag that has three outside pockets for propane bottles. And at less than twenty pounds, it’s easy to take along.

The gourmet chef in your back yard will flip more than burgers over the Solaire 27-Inch Deluxe Built-In All Infrared Natural Gas Grill. It has two main infrared burners that crank out a whopping 24,000 BTUs per hour over a 473-inch total grilling area and a rapid-start electronic ignition to get it going. Its commercial-grade 18-8 stainless construction has hand-polished mirror-finish accents and a double-skin stay-cool hood. It comes with a rotisserie and a stainless steel warming rack to make sure your meal is something to be proud of.

The BBQ Depot has a great selection of accessories for your grill, too. We have rotisseries to roast a chicken to perfection, baskets to hold small items like vegetables or keep fish from sticking to the grill, and smokers to infuse your food with the lip-smacking aromas of applewood, hickory and mesquite. Take a few minutes to look around our web site and explore all the ways The BBQ Depot has to free you from the tyranny of charcoal and get you cooking with gas!

The Great Outdoors – BBQ Depot Style

We Love creating spectacular backyards for our clients in Hollywood and San Diego (and it shows).
Here’s our newest Custom Outdoor Grilling Centers, made in time for the Holidays!
NEW Island1.  This Island Features an Alfresco ALX2 30-inch BBQ,a set of Double Doors, under-mount sink, Single Door and  Refrigerator. The top is Granite and the Outdoor Kitchen has an exterior Rock Finish.NEW Island 2NEW Island 3NEW Island 42. Love wood but, do not like the combustibility? This Bar Island Looks Like Wood But isn’t. The Bar Centers are great for those who may not grill but love to entertain outdoors.  Our cocktail centers are Perfect for this.
NEW Island 53. This Grill Island features a 36-inch AOG (American Outdoor Grill) with a set of Double Doors. AOG Grills feature exceptional USA made value at an incredible price.
NEW Island 64. Custom Pergola – Need we say more … Looks Awesome!
NEW Island 75. This Outdoor Kitchen Features an AOG 36-in Grill, Combo Unit with Door / Drawers, 2 sets of Double Doors and Granite top.
NEW Island 86. This Island is packs a big punch! AOG 30-inch Grill, Double Doors and Refrigerator.
Happy Grilling!

Good Grill Maintenance Prevents Disappointment

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. — Company’s coming and there’s a break in the weather. It’s a perfect time to fire up the grill and save Mom the hassle of cooking indoors for a crowd. But what if your grill decides to take the day off?

If a few weeks (or months) of neglect have caused grease to turn rancid, parts to corrode, or gas jets to plug up with gunk or insects looking for a home, your grilling plans can be extinguished at just the wrong time. That’s why an occasional tune-up for your grill is a good idea.

Good grill maintenance starts with keeping it clean. While the grill is still warm after cooking, scrub the grate with a wire brush or a ball of heavy-duty aluminum foil held with tongs. You can minimize food sticking by lightly coating the grate with oil that has a high smoke point, such as peanut or canola oil or aerosol cooking sprays. Be sure you do this before starting the fire to avoid flare-ups.

Built-up food particles, grease, ashes and soot can not only gum up the works, but they can cause off-flavors in your food and attract unwelcome visitors. Start by discarding ashes after they’ve cooled completely. Clean or change the catch-pan regularly. And take a few minutes throughout the season to give your grill a good washing down with some detergent and paper towels. Build-ups can accelerate corrosion of both parts and the grill itself eventually leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Gas grills need a little extra attention to stay in top working order. Be sure any hoses and connections are in good shape and replace them if needed. Control valves should give you the proper flow to maintain optimal temperatures. Venturi tubes mix your fuel with air to give the right mixture to burn. They can become misaligned and are attractive spots for insects and spiders to set up housekeeping. And burners can become damaged or corroded, lowering your grill’s performance and becoming a safety hazard.

Gas grills usually use lava rocks, ceramic briquettes, or metal shields to protect the burners from drips and spills. They need to be replaced periodically as they become encrusted or corroded.

Taking a few minutes throughout the cooking season to check for problems will result in a more pleasant experience with your grill. The owner’s manual is a good place to start. Most come with recommendations for keeping the grill in top working order. And if you need to replace a part or two, The BBQ Depot is the place to find them. We carry a huge inventory of replacement parts and accessories for virtually every grill out there, and they’re ready to ship, usually within 24 hours.

Of course, if you’re looking at a $100 parts bill for a $90 grill, you probably want to start over with a new one. The BBQ Depot offers a wide selection of new grills from inexpensive portables to complete outdoor kitchens. Take a moment to browse our site. We’re sure you’ll find the outdoor cooking setup that’s perfect for you.

Grillonomics 101 – The Economics of Grilling

New Island


Grillonomics 101 – Where to allocate your budget when planning your outdoor Kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens add value to your home. You’ve been saving your hard earned dollars. The Grill Crew at the BBQ Depot have compiled a list of suggestions that will make the most of your budget when building your Island as well as avoiding hefty future maintenance investments.

1. Equipment – Allocate a good portion of your budget to equipment. You will be “married” to the grill dimensions you choose in your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, if you do not invest in a quality appliance, you may find yourself on an unlucky quest for a replacement. We receive many calls where folks need to replace less than stellar equipment and we cannot find a substitute that will fit without altering the structure. We call this Spend it now or Spend it later.

Buy USA manufactured equipment. Besides boosting our Economy, buying a bbq that is made in the U.S.A. will offer the Best quality product. Keep in mind that you do not want to be constantly replacing parts on your grill or finding yourself in a position where the part is not available and now your forced to replace the grill only to find there is no product in the market that will fit in the cut-out you have.

A few Grills that fit this bill :

Alfresco, Lynx, AOG (American Outdoor Grill), Fire Magic

If you have any questions, we always have specialists on hand.

2. Accessories (Drawers, Doors, etc.) – Doors are a necessity under the grill. Again, USA manufactured Stainless is always the BEST solution.  Any other accessories, you may want to look at your lifestyle, what will fit your needs. Do not buy an appliance accessory you may not use.

3. VENT – you must vent the gas in your outdoor kitchen! So often we see outdoor kitchens missing this very important feature! We have seen some tragic results from Outdoor Kitchens that are not properly vented.

4. If you are not going do-it-your self and are looking to hire a company to built your outdoor paradise, choose a company that has been in business for at least over 10 years.

Happy Grilling!

Buy Local, Buy U.S.A