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I’m in LOVE with my MAN!

We, at The BBQ Depot, have an eye everything cool, hip and hot in the World of Grilling. We thought thought we have seen it all!  That is, until we saw him.

There he was, Tall, Dark and Handsome!  He had us salivating all over his Hotness!

And boy are we happy we Found Him! He is MAN LAW – Premium BBQ Grill Tools.

And let me tell you, they put the “P” in premium. I have never seen such Big Huge Tools on a MAN so it's no surprise he's named Man Law.

Cause it takes a Real BBQ Man to use them. (Sissy's NOT Permitted!)

Here's a Few of our Favorite's (Though we LOVE Everything Our MAN Has to offer)  :

1. This Giant Grill Brush is AMAZING! For starters, the handle is over 20-in long, it has Stainless Steel Bristles, a Beer Opener at the end of the handle and the best part is the brush head is replaceable. Making this baby worth the investment!

2. This Universal Heat Indicator for the Grill Hood. It Glows-in-the-Dark Guys!! How cool is that! And you how they say, longer is better?? You know my MAN does not disappoint. This baby has an extra long probe to get  a more accurate temperature.

3. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You'll be Thanking us with this 12-in Deep Fry Thermometer! It also Glows-in-the-Dark . Great for all you Night time Fryers.

4. My MAN sure does Light up my Life cause this BBQ Grill Light Puts the BAD in Badass!  First, Its Aluminum (My MAN is Genius). Second, if you cannot clamp it on your grill, the feet are magnetized (truly Badass)!  And with 12 LED Bulbs, the Lighting is SPECTACULAR (Told you my MAN's Bright)!

5. Some of us prefer our meat raw, how raw is a matter of taste! With these Digital BBQ Tongs my MAN is a multi-tasker. You can flip your food and get a digital reading inside your meat. A must have for your Real MAN!

6. For the TRUE BBQ Grill afficianado, Folding BBQ Tools!  One word In-genius!

Lastly, the LAWS:

The MOST important Law :

#13 The BBQ Depot is the BEST Grill Store on Earth.

Happy Grilling!

Celebrate "Grillidaze" with Sizzling Offers!

Grill Kings and Queens

The BBQ Depot is having an early Grillidaze with a Sizzling offer too Hot to pass up!

From now until January 2013 you can get $500 Bucks back on the Lynx L500 line of Grills.

Lynx is one of the premier line of Gas Grills!

Do not miss this offer!

L500 – No Rotisserie

L500 R – w/ Rotisserie

L500 PS – 1 Prosear, 1 SS Burner, No Rotisserie

L500 PSR – 1, Prosear, 1 SS Burner, Rotisserie

We’re busy putting these online. If you want one of these grills and its not on our website, please call us to order 877-983-0451!

Happy Grilling!