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Got Gas?

Do I or Don’t I ?

The million dollar question when your hosting your family grill out and suddenly your gas runs out.

The most accurate method to measure gas in a LP tank is by weight.

This is because gas expands. When the gas expands it can give a false reading to the magnetic strips you place on the side of the tank.

To effectively measure your gas level by weight you can use a standard bathroom scale or a LP tank scale.

1. Search the tank for the letters “TW.” This stands for tare weight, or the weight of the tank when there is no LP Gas or propane within it. The letters will be followed by a number, “TW 18.” 
This means the tank weighs 18 pounds when the tank is empty.


2. Put your tank on the scale and note the weight

3. Every pound over the TW number represents a pound of propane remaining in the tank. 
Remember a good tool, a 20lb propane tank lasts for about 1 lb per hr on HIGH.

California Love……

The BBQ Depot San Diego is our sister FULL Service Grill Center.


Our Showroom is located at :
7851 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 571-7858
Hours Of Operations
M-F 10 AM 5:30 PM
Sat 10 AM – 5 PM
We Built Custom Outdoor Kitchens & Firepits specifically designed and tailored to your backyard.
We carry Lynx Grills, DCS by Fisher Paykel Grills, Weber, Alfresco, FireMagic, Solaire, Rasmussen Gas Logs and a warehouse stocked with Gas Grill BBQ Replacement Parts for all Makes and Models.
We also clean and service all BBQ Grills!

Add some thrill to your Grill!!

Custom Outdoor Kitchens are some serious eye candy for your backyard.
Take for example, this custom island we just completed for a client of ours.
We Built-in a Fire Magic 30 Inch Legacy Smoker Charcoal Grill that features a 540 sq. In. Cooking Surface (30 x 18 Cooking Area), All stainless steel construction, Heavy-duty stainless smoker hood with precise oven thermometer and non adjustable back exhaust vent, Adjustable air shutters on the sides for temperature control, Adjustable cooking surface and Easy-access charcoal drawer for adding charcoal & smoker chips. 
We added Rock around the entire Island and column to give the space a upscale look.
We built-in an Alfresco Built In 24″ Stainless Steel VersaPower Multi-Use (LP) Liquid Propane Gas Cooker (Burner)  that offers from 400 to 65,000 BTUs of power for total heat control. The specially designed super heavy-duty spider grate will handle the smallest of saucepans up to a 100 quart stock pot. It is also ideal for a turkey fryer. Its versatility makes it the perfect complementary appliance to complete your outdoor kitchen. The Versa Burner is also available in Natural Gas.
We also put a beautiful granite counter-top along with an under-mount sink.

The BBQ Depot Proudly announces

The BBQ Depot Proudly announces that we are part of a select chosen dealers to be named a “Weber Alliance Dealer”. What does this mean?  This means that we stock, carry, and display (in an actual showroom in Hollywood, FL and San Diego, CA) at least 1 of every model in the Weber grill line and Weber Accessories. We also have access to Weber premium grills, which feature stainless steel cooking grates and flavorizer bars that have a full 5 year warranty. You can’t find these grills in any of your big box stores or any store that is not a Full Service Alliance Dealer Displaying the above Weber Logo.
We are not a warehouse that simply ships products. We actually touch, see, service and sell Weber grills. We know everything there is to know about Weber.
We challenge you to test us :)

We love to GrillWatch!

So many interesting Facts on the Grill Industry are published each year. Two Statistical Studies that interest us are the HPBA State of the Barbecue Industry Report
and our favorite Weber Grill watch!

Outdoor Cooking is on the Rise

  • The majority of grill owners use their grills year-round (62 %).
  • Nearly all (99 %) of grill owners used their grill in the past year.
  • Eighty-six % of households own an outdoor barbecue, grill or smoker.
  • 69 % of households that own a grill own a gas grill, followed by charcoal (47 %) & electric (7 %).
   We Love to Grill
  • Traditional summer holidays top the list of the most popular grilling holidays: the Fourth of July (77 %), Memorial Day (62 %) and Labor Day (60 %).
  • Consumers say an easy ignition system (58 %) and large grilling surface (53 %) are the most important features of a gas grill, followed by ease of cleaning (39 %), ability to heat up quickly (37 %) and temp gauge/heat indicator (31 %).
  • Among all grill owners, the most popular utensils are long-handled tongs (72 %), grill-cleaning brushes (68 %), long-handled fork (60 %) and long-handled spatulas (54 %).
The 22nd annual Weber GrillWatch SurveyTM—the nation’s first and foremost study on who, what, where and why Americans grill—also shows that US grill and smoker owners cook an average of five hours per week. Additionally, 22 percent overall say they are grilling “more” this year compared to last. All this indicates the increasing zeal for outdoor cooking.
  •   71 % of all Americans (21 and older) own an outdoor grill and or smoker
  • The majority own a gas grill (67percent).
  • Of these,7% use a natural gas line vs. a propane tank grill
  • 46% own a charcoal grill
  • 10% own a smoker
  • 4% own an outdoor electric grill
  • 30% of American grill owners own two or more outdoor grills or smokers
  •  5 % own three or more 
  • US gas grill owners report these top features on their current grill: 52 % have a side burner; 27 % have a rotisserie; and 19 % have a “Sear Zone” of some kind.
  • Nearly one out of every four Americans (24 percent) say they’re using grilling accessories “more now than in the past.”
  • Men are still the primary griller in most US households (61%) with 20 % of households reporting that it’s a shared responsibility among men and women.
  • Independence Day remains as the favorite grilling holiday at 81 %, followed by birthdays at 67 %, Labor Day at 66 %, and Memorial Day (61 %). Father’s Day is fifth this year at 48 %. 


The Wire Grill Brush is Bad for your Health

So, your probably thinking, How is it possible that a Wire BBQ Grill Brush can be bad for my health.
Well, True Story, a man in NJ was experiencing a pain that prompted him to go to the hospital. After much head scratching on what is possibly ailing this man, Dr.’s found a bristle from a BBQ Wire Grill Cleaning Brush had actually lodged and tore his colon.
Scary to say the least.
TheBBQDepot stumbled upon The Grill Stone ….

 GrillStone® Cleaning Block

Cleaning your grill has never been so safe and easy! GrillStone® environmentally friendly grill cleaning blocks provide powerful, effective, and safe cleaning for BBQ grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces while contributing to a healthy environment.
Safe on all barbeque grill grates including porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, and steel! 


GrillStone is made from recycled materials and saves the equivalent of 1 glass bottle from being added to landfills per stone.
  • Non-toxic, chemical free cleaning
  • Works great on hot and cold surfaces
  • Conforms to shape of the surface to clean between grill grates
  • Won’t clog like grill brushes or pads
These are BAD to the Bone ….Just sayin’

What is a Lynx

A Lynx is defined as any of several wildcats of the genus Lynx (or Felis ), havinglong limbs, a short tail, andusually tufted ears.
At The BBQ Depot, we define Lynx as a Quality, Finely Structured Brand of Stainless Steel Grills that are proudly made in the USA.
Lynx Professional Grills elevate outdoor cooking to new levels, offering unique and innovative features, unparalleled performance and superior craftsmanship. Available for either built-in our freestanding application.

30″ Free Standing Grill w/ ProSear Burner and Rotisserie


Innovative Features:


  • One cast brass burner and one ProSear™ Burner (total 50,000 BTUs)
  • 840-sq.-in. cooking surface (600 primary, 240 secondary)
  • Hot surface ignition system
  • Control illumination with blue LEDs
  • Halogen grill surface light
  • Heat stabilizing design
  • Temperature gauge
  • Fluid rotation handle
  • Lynx Hood Assist Kit
  • Removable large-capacity smoker box
  • Stainless steel grilling grates
  • Dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner
  • Ceramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution
  • Heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect