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Alfresco defined as – in the open air; "an alfresco lunch"; Taking place outdoors

At The BBQ Depot, We define Alfresco as one of the BEST products Built in the USA!
Creating the Outdoor Kitchen
Alfresco was founded in the year 2000 with a single goal – to bring the products and features professional chefs demand to the backyard. While several high-end grill lines existed by this time, no one had created the complete line of products necessary to build a true open air kitchen. Alfresco set out to change that.
As the heart of any open air kitchen, designing a professional-level grill was the first priority. The use of all type 304 stainless steel was obvious, but 30+ plus years of experience designing and building equipment for some of the nation’s largest restaurant and hotel chains led to some choices that were less obvious. First, nearly every seam is welded and polished, as mechanical fasteners tend to loosen over time. A unique dual-row, dual-port burner was designed, with an industry-leading 27,500 BTUs of power and made from an exclusive, high-heat stainless steel, which enables the burner to carry a lifetime warranty. The Sear Zone™ hybrid infrared system was developed, bringing the intense searing power of a commercial infrared broiler to the home. And understanding the importance of appearance to the residential customer, the grill features large radiused corners and extensive hand-polished accents.
Great Grilling = High Heat
The key to perfectly grilled food is instant carmelization, which seals in juices for tender, moist and flavorful food. The LX2 grill has been engineered to deliver the intense, even heat needed to achieve perfect results, with the control and flexibility needed for all kinds of food.
  1. Three high-temp stainless steel main burners producing 82,500 BTUs
  2. Optional Sear Zone™ with 27,500 BTU ceramic infrared burner (shown)
  3. Integrated rotisserie with built-in motor & 18,500 BTU infrared burner
  4. Smoker with 7,000 BTU dedicated burner & oversize wood chunk drawer
  5. 770 sq. in. actual grilling area plus four position adjustable warming rack
  6. Dual integrated high-intensity halogen work lights
  7. User-friendly pushbutton ignition with sealed 9v power source    
Available Models

42″ built-in grill Model #ALX2-42
42″ built-in grill with Sear Zone Model #ALX2-42SZ
42″ cart model grill Model #ALX2-42C
42″ cart model grill with Sear Zone Model #ALX2-42SZC
42″ refrigerated model grill Model #ALX2-42RFG
42″ refrigerated model grill with Sear Zone Model #ALX2-42SZRFG
The BBQ Depot is the Alfresco Grill Experts!



Chef Adam Perry Lang is the best-selling author of the just released BBQ 25: The World’s Most Flavorful Recipes – Now Made Foolproof (Harper Studio, © 2010) and owner of Daisy May’s BBQ USA in New York City.

A clean grill will allow for non-stick grilling. Work your grill before, during and after grilling, so your meat and fish will look sharp.

Use a clean kitchen towel you are willing to part with and lightly saturate it with vegetable oil. Use a set of tongs to quickly brush the grill surface with the towel.

Whether using a rub or salt and pepper, make sure you apply seasoning before coating meat or fish lightly with vegetable oil. Otherwise, most of the seasoning will just roll off.

Place the meat or fish on the grill with confidence and don’t be too quick to move it. Let the protein just set.

Always have an area where there are no direct flames, so if flames rise up, you can retreat and reset your mind while flames calm down.

Once the protein has set, don’t be afraid to move as often as necessary. Go for flavor, even if it’s at the expense of perfect grill marks.

Baste with flavor-enhanced butter, oil and marinades (fresh or pre-boiled), and use a bundle of herbs to apply. Also re-season as you cook since grill bars tend to pull off spices and seasonings.

Apply sugar-based sauces and glazes at the end of cooking. Also, bear in mind that often these are already finished concoctions, so thin out with a tablespoon or two of water so it can glaze and reduce on the meat or fish.

Create a drizzle composed of a combination of extra virgin olive oil, citrus juice and/or good quality vinegar and seasonings on your cutting board. Place your grilled meat or fish directly on top of the board dressing, turning to coat. This will slow down the aggressive cooking that the grill creates and moisturize and flavor the crust.

For items that are served sliced, make sure to slice right into the board dressing (see tip #9) and turn to coat. This will maximize the flavor experience, making everything taste “3-D.”

Fire up the Grill This Memorial Day…


The Barbeque Season Starts

Nowadays, most Americans celebrate Memorial Day as the official kick-off of Barbeque Season. Get ready to warm up the coals, pull out the cooler, and create a spread of summer salads and side dishes.
Mesquite-Grilled Steak Fajitas

2 pounds skirt steak (we used flank steak)
Agua Negra Marinade (recipe follows)

To marinate the steaks, place the meat in a resealable container. Pour the marinade over the meat, and move the meat around to make sure that it is evenly covered. Marinate in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours.

To grill the steak, start the coals in a charcoal grill or preheat a gas grill. Place the beef on the grill and leave undisturbed until grill marks form, then rotate the meat 90 degrees to create a second set of marks. After 2 to 3 minutes, turn the beef to cook the other side. Transfer the beef to a work surface and slice.

Serves 4.
Agua Negra Marinade
1 cup soy sauce
2 cups pineapple juice
2 tablespoons ground cumin
1 1/2 teaspoons minced garlic
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice

Combine all ingredients with a whisk in a mixing bowl, making sure to break up any lumps of spices. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Makes about 3 1/4 cups.

Make sure your grill is in tip top condition. Check those Burners, cooking grates (Grids) and heat plates and remember The BBQ Depot has the largest stock of Grill (BBQ) Parts around!

Lynx …. The Professionals in BBQ Grills

Since its launch, Lynx has set the standard for design, innovation and engineering excellence, introducing proprietary technologies and custom features to ensure consumers have the ultimate Lynx experience.

With continuous innovation a hallmark of the company, Lynx’s design engineers have continually introduced a long list of “firsts” to the industry while others follow. They are constantly seeking to add enhancements to existing products to make what is already a great cooking experience for consumers, an even better one.

This dedication to innovation has resulted in such advances as Lynx’s hood assist kit, which makes lifting and lowering the grill’s hood effortless; the Lynx ProSear variable infrared burner, for cooking at high and low temperatures, and the use of cast brass burners for holding and radiating high temperatures.

Lynx outdoor kitchen products embrace fine craftsmanship, and the company is proud of its highly trained employees who have developed their skills over many years of employment with Lynx Grill.

36″ Built-in Grill with Rotisserie (L36R-1)

  • Three cast brass burners (total 75,000 BTUs)
  • 935-sq.-in. cooking surface (640 primary, 295 secondary)
  • Hot surface ignition system
  • Control illumination with blue LEDs
  • Dual halogen grill surface lights
  • Heat stabilizing design
  • Temperature gauge
  • Fluid rotation handle
  • Lynx Hood Assist Kit
  • Removable large-capacity smoker box
  • Stainless steel grilling grates
  • Dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner
  •  Ceramic Briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution
  • Heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease and moisture can collect

42″ Convenience Center with Warming Drawer (L42CC)

  • Warming drawer, LP Tank Storage Cabinet and Utility Drawer in one convenient unit
  • Sliding LP tank tray for safe and easy LP tank access
  • Full width and depth utility drawer accommodates oversized grill tools, towels and condiments
  • Temperature settings from 90° to 220° offer the flexibly needed to keep breads warm or poultry piping hot
  • Warming drawer is equipped with two removable steam pans, lids and steam racks
  • Moist and crisp settings allow you to keep food at the desired texture
  • Concealed heating element allow you to use the warming drawer as a towel or robe warmer
  • “On” indicator light reminds you that the drawer is on
  • Weather resistant stainless steel construction and Lynx signature polished highlights

The BBQ Depot has all BBQ Grills and replacement parts for Lynx Gas Grills

With Liberty and Justice for all by DCS Dynamic Cooking Systems

THE LIBERTY COLLECTION is a suite of outdoor cooking components that adjoin with themselves or to existing DCS by Fisher & Paykel grills in any combination you desire. They give you the freedom to devise your ideal outdoor kitchen island and have it up and running in time for tonight’s barbecue.

    With the three pieces of The Liberty Collection you can build an outdoor kitchen that is custom suited to your personal needs. Choose from the All-Grill unit, the Dual Side Burner/Griddle Unit and the Dual Side Burner/Sink Unit to assemble your perfect free-standing kitchen. 
  • DCS cooking performance
  • Available for Built-in Application or with Optional Stainless Steel Cart as shown.
  • 17,000 BTU Dual Side-burner
  • Sink can be hard plumbed or portable 
  • DCS cooking performance
  • 9-volt Battery Ignition
  • 2 x 25,000 BTU Burners
  • Ceramic Radiant Technology
  • Double-Sided Cast Stainless Steel Grilling Grates
  • Grease Management System
  • Sear setting
  • 494 sq. in. grilling surface
  • Available for Built-in Application or with Optional Stainless Steel Cart as shown.
  • Stainless Steel Cover included

Rub me all over….

I received a sample of the Three Little Pigs Seasoning Rub at the Shop. I got the Championship BBQ Rub Flavor. 
As a vegetarian I have to come up with new and exciting ways to use Rubs, Sauces and Seasonings. 
This morning I made Ore Ida Hash-browns and I put the Championship BBQ Rub as a seasoning and it was AMAZING!!!!!!
Smoking/Barbecuing/Roasting Cooking at lower temps is what award winning BBQ is all about. The Three Little Pig’s BBQ Seasonings are perfect for this style of cooking – either outdoors in a smoker or grill or indoors in an oven, broiler, or Crockpot. Just apply a coating of seasoning/rub several hours before the meat goes on or even just before the meat goes into the heat.
The Three Little Pigs seasonings/rubs and sauces are formulated by Chris Marks of the award winning Three Little Pigs Huff and Puff Competition BBQ team. Three Little Pigs All-Natural lines of sauces and seasonings/rubs aims to exceed your expectations for BBQ seasonings/rubs and sauces. These products feature richer, more savory flavors targeted to home cooking, smoking, grilling, and baking.

Gas Grill Repair – Save your grill and save money by repairing your bbq grill yourself

BBQ Season is Approaching Fast…. Don’t be left with raw bugers and no flame to cook them…. Now is the time to fix your Grill!

Don’t let your gas grill end up in the trash. You made an investment in your gas grill so it is important to keep your grill running longer. You may keep it covered and clean or put it someplace where it is sheltered when you aren’t using it and give it a good washing after every use. Right? Whether you do or do not something is bound to go wrong.

It’s better, healthier and more cost effective for you it you know how to make basic repairs of your BBQ grill. 

As gas grills become more and more complicated it can seem intimidating to attempt to repair one on your own. Just so you know… the basic design of gas grills really hasn’t changed much. While the number of burners may have increased from one to five burners, most all gas grills are a metal box, either stainless steel or cast aluminum. On propane grills you have a tank and regulator. Natural gas grills simply attach to your home gas supply and use the meter as the regulator. The fuel passes through venturi tubes to the control valve and then to the burner. There are many styles of burners from bowtie to H-shape to oval. Above the burner is either a grate that holds the ceramic briquettes or lava rock or a metal plates like Weber’s flavorizer bars.
Before you start taking apart your grill, be sure to open the lid, make sure that the fuel tank is in the off position and disconnect the gas. Propane and natural gas can be very bad for you whether there is an explosion or not. 
Now you’re ready to get to work on your grill. The first determining if it’s better to fix or replace. This is pretty much a personal choice. Many of today’s lower end grills are much lower in quality than grills built 10 years ago. The drive to keep down cost and bring up profits has lead many manufacturers to take shortcuts. Now you should be able to find parts for most any grill made in the past 10 to 20 years, so unless you have something very old or very unusual you will be able to get the parts you need. The big question you have to ask yourself is, “Does this grill meet my needs?” If the answer is yes then go on and get it fixed up. If the answer is no then you should start looking for a new grill. 
When a gas grill is working properly, the flame is evenly distributed through the burners, the flame itself is blue and should heat quickly on the high setting. With all burners on you should not be able to notice a difference in heat anywhere on the cooking surface. If this isn’t how your grill is working then you may have a problem.
Venturi Tubes: The venturi tubes connect the control valve to the burner(s) and mix the fuel with air to provide flame. To mix the air into the fuel there is an open gap in the fuel line here that can easily become obstructed. Insects, especially spiders, love this and will move in as quick. The venturi tubes typically have adjustable shutters. You may need to adjust these to regulate fuel flow. 
Burners: Burners come in many shapes, sizes and materials made for your specific grill like Tubes, Pipes, H shaped, Cast Iron, etc… Because the burner is inside the grill it tends to get coated in grease and can corrode quickly. Inspect and clean your burner regularly to avoid problems. If the burner is damaged to heavily corroded you will need to replace it. Get the same size and shape of burner but consider purchasing one of a better quality metal if yours isn’t top of the line. 
Heat Shield: In between the burner and the cooking grate is what we refer to as the Heat Shield, Heat Plate, Radiant, Briquette Tray,  lava rocks, ceramic briquettes, flavorizer bars, metal plates and Rock or Lava Grates. The  purpose of this gas grill part is to distribute heat evenly to the cooking surface. These need to be cleaned or replaced periodically as they become crusted in burnt grease and food and can create an unpleasant flavor on foods as they age. Inspect your Heat Shield…. If it is broken, heavily coated or simply not creating a sufficient heat distribution, consider replacing it.


Grill produces a lot of smoke: Usually this is caused by a large build up of grease in your grill. It just may need a good cleaning!

Will the Real Charmglow Please stand up??

MHP First Grill 1964
 Modern Home Products was founded in the 1950’s by Walter Koziol. In the beginning the company created decorative outdoor gas lighting for residential applications (under the trade name of “Charmglow“).  You read that right… Charmglow.
  The first outdoor gas grill was introduced to the consumer in 1960. The round design grill was a 22 1/2″ in diameter with a hood that was a standard design for charcoal grills of the period. The brand name was “Perfect Host“.

Today, MHP Leads in the marketplace with there original Aluminum Grill Heads of Days gone by.
 TheBBQDepot carries the JMR & WNK line of Chefs Choice BBQ Grills that are Made in The USA and carries a Lifetime Warranty on most parts.

MHP…. A name you can trust!

Vent-A-Hood for Outdoor Kitchens and Large BBQs

For over 75 years, Vent-A-Hood® has maintained its specialization and focused on becoming the definitive home ventilation brand in the appliance industry.

Vent-A-Hood® has developed an excellent reputation throughout the ventilation industry by offering a top quality “in stock” range hood, as well as handmade craftsmanship in their “custom” hood series. Each ventilation system manufactured by Vent-A-Hood® is individually engineered for performance in addition to style. Company longevity and product quality have given the name Vent-A-Hood® instant product recognition.
 New Vent A Hoods for outdoors
* 304 Stainless Steel
* Grease Drip Trays for Ease of Cleaning
* 33″ Deep – 37% Increased Capture Area Thank Standard BBQ Hoods
* High Performance Blower Wheels Provide Increased CFM Performance
* 5 Year ALL Parts and Labor Warranty
MODEL                        Size of Hood                        Price
PRH18342BBQ                     42″                               $2795          
PRH18348BBQ                     48″                               $2895
PRH18354BBQ                     54″                               $3195
PRH18360BBQ                     60″                               $3395


PRH18448BBQ                     48″                               $3199      
PRH18454BBQ                     54″                               $3599
PRH18460BBQ                     60″                               $3799
PRH18466BBQ                     66″                               $3899
We also have LIMITED QUANTITIES of Select Vent A Hoods on SALE!
PRH1823633SS                     36″                               $1995         
PRH1824233SS                     42″                               $2095


PRH1834233SS                     42″                               $2395
PRH1844833SS                     48″                               $2995
PRH1845433SS                     54″                               $3295
PRH1846033SS                     60″                               $3395
All available at

The Great American Smoke Out

If you need that deep smokey flavor, take a look at
the Smoke Pistol for up to 3 hours of smokey goodness

* Attaches to any SMoker
* Convert ANY BBQ Grill into a Smoker
* Consistent, Controllable Smoke
* Smoke Output is totally adjustable
* Quick and simple installation
Up to 3 hours continuous smoke
* A variety of wood flavors available
* Can be used for cold or hot smoking

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